Zoe Mei Resort

34,51 kr.

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The gorgeous location of this resort guarantees that its guests will be surrounded by never-ending white sandy beaches. Blessed with endless sunny days and crystal clear beach, this hilltop hotel captures excellent views of the sunset and treats its guests to an unforgettable experience. The area around the venue offers plenty of interesting things to do such as the famous Bat and Crystal caves, only a 10-minute walk away, both of which are great options for anyone who enjoys the nature and is in a good physical condition. Most importantly for those who are looking to relax and to take advantage of Boracay, the private beach Ilig Iligan is a 5-minute walk away. As the day starts turning into a night guests can head to the hotel’s bar, which besides its refreshing drinks also offers karaoke facilities, ideal for those who want to sing their hearts out and have a good time.